Sports injuries, lower back pain, depression, anxiety ...

Grow Taller herb for children who wants to grow taller, join sports team, compete in market place.

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John Shang, Jin Fang - medically trained in China. Shang was an orthopedic surgeon in China for 13 years. We are practicing acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine for over 36 years. We treat:  

Sports injury, back, neck pain, neuroma, headaches, arthritis, bell's palsy, stroke, Allergies, 

Infertility, baby breech, women's health, menopause, weight control, Facial beauty, bladder control, rear skin diseases

Jin Fang worked with many scientists on menopause and published an article on The Journal Of Alternative and Complementary Medicine in 2009.

Depression, anxiety, insomnia; 

Fatigue, fibromyalgia, 

Cancer special assistant treatment We had 2 days special training at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center 

Quit smoking

Child health, growth, bed wetting and human development;

Diabetes, digestive diseases, kidney function weakness and many more. 

Dr. Shang was an orthopedic surgeon in China for 13 years before coming to USA.

Our special herbs: Happy Mood, Grow Taller, Baby Boom I & II, Sinus Care and more...

Our Service-Sports injury, back pain, depression, anxiety...

Q & A - About Grow Taller, Happy Mood, Baby Boom I & II, Sinus Care Herbs, & Green Tea

Grow Taller-Natural Chinese Herbal Medicine
Q: Any side effects from Grow Taller?
A: No known side effects. Safe and effective, if take it at right age for girls and boys.
Q:What is right age?
A: Is your elementary child tall for her age?  Then she needs the Grow Taller herb supplement! Why? Because Grow Taller will keep her bones growing even into Middle School.
Q: Are your kids the tallest one in their elementary class? 
A: If so, then they will likely stop growing very soon!  Grow Taller Herb will help them keep  growing taller!
This herb will complement your child's natural growth spurt and help them grow taller.  Please consult with Jin Fang for further details.
Q: Do your children want to play sports?  Do they dream of having a good job? 
A: Then the Grow Taller Herb will help accentuate your child's elementary school growth spurt.

Grow Taller herbal formula helps stimulate bone growth naturally. The "golden period" of childhood growth starts at about age eight. To maximize results of Grow Taller herbal formula, it is best to consider starting a child around this age or even a little later. This is especially true if your child enters puberty early. From the first bottle, children feel growing pains. I would be happy to give a complimentary consultation, and answer any questions you may have. Eat small foods while taking this herbs.Jin,
Children's mom testimonials:

My daughter noticed growing pain, just from the first bottle!
Patty R. Beth, NY June 7, 2012 (Her girl is 14 years old)

Hi Jin,
This is Sumona from Washington DC. Please send two bottles of the Grow Tall supplement for my daughter. Please charge it to the CC you have on file. Answering to your last email-Diya started taking the supplement September 2015, she has grown a full two inches and a little more till now. She is now 12 years old, and is 4' 10”.
Thank you!
你好 瑾, 我是华盛顿DC的苏莫娜. 请为我女儿寄2瓶增高灵保健品. 请在你已有档案的信用卡上收费. 回答你上次的E妹儿-蒂雅2015年9月开始服用
增高灵保健品, 现在已经长了足足2英吋之多. 她现在12岁, 4英尺10英吋。谢谢!


Latest news from Linda, CA: my daughter grow 1 inch since started your Grow Taller herbs in January! Less than 4 month. May 8, 2013 (Linda's daughter is 13 years old)

Rebecca is taller than Jin Fang, her mother. She was Georgetown University graduation speaker on May 17, 2012. Rebecca was also graduated from Harvard University.

Rebecca Yang's speech on October 28, 2011 in National Portrait Gallery in DC

If you are taking Happy Mood for depression, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, or concentration, take one pill three times a day. 

If you take one pill in the morning and already feel better, you can stay with one pill a day.

If you feel one pill is not enough for you, you may take two pills in the morning.

Nevertheless, one may be optional during lunch and dinner.

If you have trouble sleeping, take three or four pills before bed.

Everyone is different; if you had heavy medication before for your conditions, you may see Happy Mood slowly effect on your body.
Happy Mood also assists quitting smoking. One pills three times day after meals. 

Usage in Conjunction with Other Depression Medications: Some patients are concerned whether Happy Mood can be used while taking other more traditional Western medications for depression. Happy Mood can be taken in conjunction with these other medications and many of our patients have had excellent results doing this. They take two pills in the morning.
Happy Mood is good for fortify and replenish heart, liver and kidney energies, so that three organs work together to heal people.

If you are taking Baby Boom I or Baby Boom II, please take two pills three times day after meals. Because everyone is different, we encourage you to contact us before you order herb for your best needs. After you ordered the herb, we will tell you how to eat right and good for increasing the chance to conceive. 

If you are taking Sinus Care for allergies, take two pills three times a day. 

If you have a very severe condition, take three pills three times a day after meals to start with. Then lower the dosage to two pills three times a day, or two times a day... You can adjust the dosage according to your needs.

If you are drinking authentic Chinese Green Tea, you are doing the best thing for yourself for prevention, curb sweet appetite and control your weight. Please see our Green Tea information on the website.

Ancient Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs  Sports Injury in Fairport 

However, if you are unsure of your correct dosage, please contact us to discuss your personal situation. We want to serve you the best that we can.